Sunday, June 3, 2012

4th of July Jello Cake

Old time favorite recipe I make every 4th of July. Everyone loves it and comes
back for a second piece. Some people call this the ‘poke cake’, I guess because
you ‘poke holes’ it in before pouring the jello. Super easy to prepare, and super yummy to eat!


Prep Time: apx 20 min


1  to 2 cups fresh Strawberries

½ - 1 cup fresh Blueberries

1 pkg (8 serving size) Jello Brand Gelatin, Strawberry or Raspberry flavor

1 pkg White Cake Mix

1 (8 ounce) tub Cool Whip Whipped Topping, thawed


1. Prepare an ordinary white cake mix according to box directions. Use a sheet cake (9x13) baking pan.

2. Wash and clean strawberries and blueberries, set aside.

3. Slice the strawberries and set aside.

4. Prepare dry gelatin. I normally use about ½ cup less water, when preparing. I like it to be a little thicker than normal.

5. Allow cake to cool for apx 15 minutes, then carefully poke holes into the cake with a chopstick every inch inch or so. Holes should not go all the way through cake to the bottom of the pan. The entire cake should be perforated.

6. Pour cooled gelatin liquid evenly over entire cake. Holes in the cake allow gelatin to seep into the cake.

7. Refrigerate the cake 4 hours or until firm. Spread cool whip or whipped topping over the entire cake.

8. Arrange strawberry slices on whipped topping for 'stripes' .
Arrange blueberries on whipped topping for 'stars.'
Store leftover cake in refrigerator, if there’s any remaining.  Enjoy :)

4th of July Jello Cake - easy recipe